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Technical Notes

This game is for the Jaguar 64bit System. You will need the BJL Bios and the BJL cable to load the game in the Jaguar Ram at $4000. Or use the provided encrypted CD Image to burn it on a cdrom and start the game from the Jaguar CD System. Or use the provided rom for SkunkBoard and flash it at $802000

The Game

Do The Same ! is a rotation game, the goal is to reproduce a set of tiles. You can only rotate left or right a 2x2 square tiles. There are 112 fascinating levels.

The Online System

Like for DiamJag, when you finish a level, you get a code. If you enter this code on the Do The Same ! Website you may appear on the online worldwide ranking. So you have to be the fastest !

Title screen

Do The Same ! intro screenshot

About the code

It's my first game and it's on atari jaguar.
I'm a beginner so I hope there's not too many bug in it !
Everything has been coded using assembly language (68k and RISC). I've learn a lot while coding the game (from october 2008):

All the code has been done with this setup : ... and with great help from the Jagware team !

About the graphics

Bear has used a special way to do some of the background currently in the game ... using clay..

Do The Same ! ingame screenshot

... and the result is simply awesome !

Ingame Screenshot

Do The Same ! ingame screenshot
Do The Same ! ingame screenshot

The Credits

Special Thanks to all the Jagware Team !

Have fun !

Matmook ;-)